Introducing the Canik Creations line! The team at Canik is committed to making a superior firearm inside and out. This means the aesthetics of the gun should be just as impressive and durable as the internal craftsmanship which has made Canik the go to platform for people around the world. It is with this goal in mind that the initiative to create some of the most unique designs ever seen in the firearms landscape in partnership with Cerakote was brought forth. We at Canik view our final products as works of art and that means they must tell a story and be limited in production to create another level of value and collectability. The diversity of the 2A community is wide and beautiful, and we here at Canik wanted to make something for everyone to enjoy and be proud of. The Canik Creations line combines the durability of Cerakote with the ability to choose an intricately designed pattern that best describes the end user's personality. The possibilities of this series are endless and we here at Canik intend to put that to the test with new designs being imagined every day!
Blue Cyber
METE SFT Blue Cyber - HG5636BLC-N

Canik prides itself on its ability to use modern technology to develop the most superior firearms in the market today. With this in mind, the Blue Cyber design is a statement of technology and physics coming together to create perfection. Look at the intricacies of a Canik and that of a microchip, both are painstakingly designed to perform in a moment's notice with repeated precision.

Modern DIGI
METE SFT Dark Grey Modern DIGI - HG5636DGYD-N METE SFT Green Modern DIGI - HG5636GND-N

Camouflage is iconic, diverse, widely used, and undeniably efficient. These are the same standards and goals of Canik. To be a tool that can serve the end user in every application needed. To marry Canik to an instantly recognizable pattern like modern digital is a statement on how Canik is adapting to the world around it in order to be the most superior firearms platform.

Green Bomber
METE SFT Green Bomber - HG5636GNB-N

The Canik Mete SFT has unmistakable lines that were the obvious match for one of the most iconic looks in US history. The Green Bomber Canik Creations design pays homage to the historical icon that played such a big part in American history. From the ever recognizable sharks mouth, to the details of the bomb insignia, and pinup girl, the craftsmanship and detail on this creation is truly something to see in person.